Parent Participation

Families enrolled at the parent participation tuition level will work as a parent volunteer in the classroom as a co-oper. A limited number of volunteer positions are available each year for non-classroom roles. Contact if you’re interested in a non-classroom role. All volunteer positions require a minimum commitment of 3-4 hours monthly. 

If you would like to switch to NON-participation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Classroom Co-oping:

Classroom co-opers help the teacher and assistant with hands-on activities in the classroom. You will typically be the third adult in the classroom, except on occasion where there may only be two adults if a teacher is out. Co-oping duties include engaging with the students throughout the day with classroom activities and outdoor play; as well as helping students wash their hands, assisting with transition times; and prepping and cleaning items in the classroom (sweeping, cleaning tables, washing items, etc.).

Co-opers are scheduled approximately once per month for a 3.5 hour commitment (9am-12:30pm), for a maximum of ten times per year (September-June), per student enrolled. Missed co-op shifts with no notice are subject to a missed co-op fee of $50, and the shift must be rescheduled. Co-opers must arrive on time at 9am; arrival after 9:10am will incur a $15 late fee charge.

All co-oping adults must complete all of the requirements prior to co-oping. If you are a returning co-oper with completed forms already on file from the previous school year, you only need to attend the in-person training in September. We cannot schedule you to co-op until your requirements are completed and you will be invoiced the tuition difference for each month until you can be scheduled to co-op. All co-op forms are due in August in order to be placed on the co-op schedule for September. Mandatory co-op training for all co-oping adults (new and returning) is held the first week of school in September.

Requirements for in classroom co-oping:

  • In-person LCYC Co-op Training the first week of school in September.
  • State & Federal Fingerprint Background Check: you must bring a completed Livescan Form with you to your fingerprint appointment. (Complete the top portion for “Applicant Information.” You do not need to fill in anything under Reason For Request- Individual. Our Agency information is already prefilled.) There is a fee for fingerprinting services that varies by location. You must provide LCYC with a copy of your receipt as proof of completion. Click here to find LiveScan fingerprinting locations.
  • Complete Online Basic Health & Safety Training: Register & Complete Training here, then save a copy of your certificate to email to LCYC. NOTE- this training is only available once a month and has a strict registration window for each session. Please make sure you sign up for and complete the course within the timeframe.
  • Medical Release Form (necessity for TB test is up to your physician)
  • Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights Form 
  • Release of Information Form (2-pages) MUST BE NOTARIZED- please return the completed original form via mail or in person to LCYC.

Return ALL forms to LCYC via emailed pdf copies to or mail to LCYC Preschool, 10123 Connecticut Ave., Kensington, MD 20895. We require the original, notarized Release of Information Form returned via mail or in person. All other forms can be sent as pdf via email.

Non-classroom Jobs Descriptions:

Not all jobs are available every year. Please contact to inquire about interest.

  • Fundraising Chair: (1) Lead, plan and promote approximately 6 fundraisers for the school year. These include: Kids Kreations art project in the fall, 3-4 restaurant dine-outs or similar events, and one community focused fundraiser such as parents night out.
  • Auction Chair: (1) Leads and coordinates the annual spring silent auction. Coordinates donations from LCYC families, as well as solicits donations throughout the year on their own time. Enters auction information on online platforms and creates promotional content for the auction. Soliciting starts in the fall and auction chairs are expected to commit 3 hours each month to work on auction solicitation, promotion, etc. This committee works closely with LCYC staff and parents. 
  • Library Assistant: (1) Shelves books twice a month in the LCYC library (outside LCYC office) and maintains general library organization. Updates and maintains the online catalog for teachers. Provides admin support as needed to the LCYC Office. This job must be done during school hours as coordinated with the LCYC Office. Shifts should be done in two 1.5 hour shifts per month.
  • Weekly Email Coordinator: (1) Creates emails with upcoming weekly reminders for families each week. This position should be familiar with email layouts and communication; should be a self-starter and able to complete the task with minimal assistance. Emails are scheduled to go out each Sunday evening.
  • Housekeeping Chair: (1) Coordinates monthly housekeeping shifts, including communicating with volunteers monthly for assigned shifts, assists in shift swaps as needed, and generally is the point person for housekeeping tasks and questions. Must be available and present the first Saturday of each month (as determined by the school calendar) to open the classrooms, gather supplies, check in volunteers and provide instructions for housekeeping duties. Must also return to the school at the end of the shift to make sure everything is put away and locked. 
  • Snack Manager: (1) Purchases snack items weekly for school. Responsible for providing fruit and/or vegetable snacks on a weekly basis for all classes. (Note- this does not include prepping the food, staff will do this at school.) Food must be dropped off at school each week before Monday morning drop off (9am) unless otherwise determined by LCYC staff. LCYC reimburses snack supplies up to a designated amount each month (with receipts).
  • Social Media & Website Manager: (1) Posts on social media at least one time per week per class, as well as highlighting specials, extended day, field trips, school events and other announcements. Checks in with each classroom teacher weekly, as well as other staff, for content to post. Makes updates to the LCYC website as requested by the Director and administrative staff. This person should be familiar with using and posting on social media (i.e, Facebook), photo editing, and WordPress as well as familiarize themselves with accessing Procare Connect for photos and content as needed.