Rana Oriolo (Ms. Rana)

Warner is pleased to welcome our new LCYC Director, Rana Oriolo! Rana comes to LCYC from the Rockville Community Nursery School, where she had over nine years’ experience teaching in the 2-year-old, 3-year old and 4-year old programs, and served as assistant director. Rana’s positive attitude, kind disposition, and non-stop energy make it very easy for parents to entrust their most precious possessions to her. Her ability to balance the individual needs of students, along with her understanding of young children’s development in a group, allow her to create a warm, nurturing environment where children learn together and thrive as individuals. Rana is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, with a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development and a Birth-Kindergarten teaching license. She has completed continuing education in preschool administration.

Rana knows the parent cooperative model from both sides, as a teacher and a parent. She grew up in Montgomery County and attended MCPS schools from Pre-k to twelfth grade. She lives in Olney with her husband and three children, ages 10, 7 and 21 months.

Emily Westbrook (Ms. Emily)
MWF 2’s & T/TH 3’s Teacher

Emily Westbrook has been teaching Mother’s Day Out at The Learning Center for Young Children since 1983. Because of her joy for developing young minds, she started teaching the two and three year old classes in 2010. Her love for crafts has given her the ability to create a shared learning experience for the children.She has met all the requirements in the 90-Hour Course in early Childhood Development and Curriculum from the Montgomery Child Care Association Training Institute. She has also taken further educational courses throughout her years of teaching.

Having raised four children who attended LCYC, Emily was a parent co-oper for fourteen years as she was teaching simultaneously.

When she is not at work, Emily enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She also enjoys traveling throughout the summer with her family.

Laura Nelson (Ms. Laura)
T/TH 2’s , Parent-Child Class & Friday 4’s Teacher

Laura Nelson has been teaching in the toddler and 2-year-old programs at The Learning Center since September, 2012. She truly enjoys nurturing the development of the youngest children at LCYC.

She is a graduate of Hollins College with a double major B.A. in art history and French, and completed the 90hr course in Childhood Development and Curriculum. 

Miss Laura knows the parent cooperative model from all sides, as an aide, a teacher, and as an LCYC parent for five years.

When not at LCYC, Miss Laura enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, teaching high school art history, practicing yoga and playing with her three dogs.

Susan Kline (Mrs. Kline)
MWF 3’s Teacher

Susan Kline has been associated with LCYC since 1988.  She realized while co-oping in her two children’s classes what a joy it is to work with young children, so she became a classroom aide in 1996, followed by substitute teaching for almost a year.  Susan was hired as the teacher for the Monday–Wednesday–Friday threes class in 1999. She has completed the 90-Hour Course in Early Childhood Development and Curriculum, and has taken many early childhood education classes over the years.  Susan delights in providing a caring and nurturing learning environment for the children, with many opportunities for them to be creative and to learn through play. Susan has also taught mixed-age LCYC Extended Day classes, and she did the LCYC staff and parent co-op scheduling for many years.

Susan earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University, and worked as an engineer before having her first child. She grew up in Silver Spring, and moved to Olney in 1992.  Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church has been her church home for most of her life.  She enjoys time with friends and family, swimming, attending the theater, and traveling.

Daniela Cestone (Ms. Cestone)
M-Th 4’s Teacher

Daniela has been teaching 4 year olds at LCYC since 2011. Before joining the staff, she was a co-oper in the 2s and 3s classes when her daughter attended LCYC (2008-2011).
Joining LCYC was a great opportunity for Daniela to return to teaching, because before becoming a mom, she taught first grade for 7 years. Daniela is grateful to have the opportunity to nurture and support children in their personal growth. Daniela earned a Masters in Teaching from Trinity College and holds a Maryland Certificate to teach Early Childhood (PreK-Grade 3). She grew up in Maryland and is married with 2 children. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her dog, and listening to music!

Tammy Byrne (Ms. Tammy)
Extended day Teacher & School Aide

Tammy started at LCYC in 1994 when her oldest son began the Mother’s Day Out program. In addition to her parent co-op duties, she took on co-op days for the school, becoming an aide/ sub for all classes. Tammy has also taught extended day classes and summer camp sessions for many years. Tammy has taken the 90hour course in Childhood Development and Curriculum. Tammy is currently the teacher for Tuesday and Friday extended day classes.

A lifelong Montgomery County resident, Tammy has lived in Kensington for over 30 years and has enjoyed seeing many of her LCYC friends grow up in the community. She enjoys being able to nurture and foster children’s curiosity, as well as helping them develop a livelong love of learning. In her spare time her favorite thing to do is spending time with friends, sitting on a beach and traveling to Florida to see her favorite LCYC alumni, her sons.

Ms. Rebecca
School Aide

Ms. Robin
School Aide

Ms. Carolyn
School Aide

Ms. Deb
School Aide

Ms. Hilary
School Aide

Ms. June
School Aide