The Learning Center for Young Children (LCYC) operates as a mission of  Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church. For more than six decades, LCYC has been joyfully serving the Kensington area community through its parent participation preschool. Originally established as the Warner Christian Day School in 1959, it was created as an alternative to segregated schools and to serve as an outreach ministry to young families in the neighborhood. In the early 1980s, the name was changed to the Learning Center for Young Children.

LCYC remains dedicated to providing parent and preschool education to families with young children, preparing them for both school and life ahead. Over the years, this nurturing environment has also become a place where lifelong friendships are cultivated. LCYC fosters an environment dedicated to education, progress, and growth for every child and their families. We extend a warm embrace to all families, providing a secure space where children can openly celebrate and take pride in their families, cultures, homes, and unique experiences alongside their peers and teachers. As a preschool that values parental involvement, we encourage families to actively participate in the learning process, both within the school premises and at home. Inclusive community events are organized to honor and incorporate the diverse range of families in our community. By fostering genuine respect and care, we cultivate a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our students, parents, and staff, creating a welcoming community for all.

Parent Participation

The relationship built between parents, teachers and staff at LCYC establishes the foundation for our school community. When parents invest in this community it demonstrates to children that their education and self-development is important and valued. Parent engagement plays a crucial role at LCYC by establishing the basis from which children can feel secure, accepted, and confident to fulfill their unique potential.

Currently LCYC offers Participation and Non Participation tuition levels. Families enrolled at the parent participation tuition level must choose one participation job for the academic year. The majority will join Classroom Co-oping, though a limited number of non-classroom co-op positions are available in fundraising and administrative duties. All roles require a minimum commitment of 3-4 hours monthly.

Community Engagement

  • Invited to attend Playground Play dates in August, held at nearby parks, to meet new and returning families.
  • Required to attend (at least one adult) Back to School Night (typically the last week of August before school begins).
  • Required to sign up and complete one Housekeeping shift a year (held the first Saturday of every month), or pay the buyout fee.
  • Required to donate one silent auction item to the annual spring auction, or pay the buyout fee.
  • Encouraged to attend and support LCYC’s various community events and fundraising events throughout the school year.