Our Philosophy

The Learning Center for Young Children (LCYC) is a play-based, parent participation preschool.  We believe that children learn, grow and discover through music, art, drama, cooking, reading and sensory exploration. LCYC teachers and staff provide a safe and nurturing environment filled with purposeful and developmentally appropriate activities and provide opportunities for hands-on exploration in all aspects of their classroom. Our focus on the whole-child approach emphasizes social-emotional development alongside cognitive skill and growth. Children are allowed and encouraged to use their freedom of expression as they navigate the world around them.

The relationship built between parents, teachers and staff at LCYC establishes the foundation for our school community. When parents invest in this community it demonstrates to children that their education and self-development is important and valued. Parent engagement plays a crucial role at LCYC by establishing the basis from which children can feel secure, accepted, and confident to fulfill their unique potential.

Our Curriculum

All classes include age appropriate versions of the following activities:

  • Free Play – including block play, water play, dramatic play, easel painting, play dough, books, manipulatives
  • Circle Time – this is a time to share, learn about a particular topic, and is often when teachers incorporate reading, movement, and music into the school day.
  • Reading – teachers read a book to the class and children are given time to look at books independently
  • Snack – simple healthy snacks are served daily including items like water, juice, fruit, crackers, cheese, bread, cereal, etc.
  • Outdoor play – on the school’s enclosed playground equipment or indoors in the church’s large social hall room where we bring out tricycles, balls, and climbing equipment for children to use.
  • Art – teachers provide a project for children to complete but creativity is given free reign. We understand that for preschoolers, it is the process, not the end product that is important.
  • Music & Movement – children engage in music and movement with teachers daily

Extended Day

Children love staying for lunch with teachers and friends. A continuation of the school day, extended day includes lunch from home, more play time and a special project.

Music & Science Monday

The staff help children explore the uses of their voice, i.e. talking, whispering, shouting, and singing. The children learn to match pitch, participate in activities with rhythm instruments, and investigate the science of sound so that they understand how sound is produced. Each session contains singing activities, rhythmic experiences, listening exercises, and movement. Natural tie-in’s to science are included as part of many sessions. The class focuses on Science from January through June. The children learn the scientific method working on projects and experiments during class time.